We have teamed up with the company Cushman & Wakefield to offer a farming program situated at the Independence Wharf in Boston, which will be hosted by the company.

The roof of this location is open to the public, and here grown are cedar crates and raised beds, with galvanized troughs containing informative signages, located at the thoroughfare in downtown Boston.

Not only is this setup specially made to inform the public of this initiative, but it is also one way to invite more members of the community to participate in such collective activity.

The green roof project has currently produced over 200 lbs. of harvest and produce, and 175 lbs. of vegetables harvested and donated to the local food banks in the community.

As of now, we are able to convert over 150 square foot of otherwise abandoned rooftop space into an area conducive to urban farming and hydroponics.

In fact, this is one of the first projects we built at Urban Garden Boston that included a complex system for hydroponic farming.

Such a concept was introduced, funded, and implemented, and it concretized the idea that we don’t need vast expanses of land and earth in order to plant our food near us. We can even grow our own food indoors!

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