Urban Farming Products

Urban Garden Boston develops innovative solutions to help you make the most out of your available growth area.

Our company offers only reliable, professional services and bundles with a wide range of growing choices, including rooftop farming systems, ground-level raised planters, and indoor hydroponic systems.

We also include structural additions such as pergolas, shading structures, cold frames, trellises, and pest netting. We make use of environmentally friendly materials wherever feasible, and we construct each farm with accuracy and care.

That said, our installations are often sold as a bundle with our agricultural or landscaping maintenance and customer interaction services.

Rooftop Farming Systems

We create agricultural pods and systems geared to occupy otherwise vacant platforms on top of homes and buildings. Instead of keeping the area unoccupied or cluttered with unarranged broken equipment and condensers, we can refurbish these spaces with raised farming beds, and build a green roofing system.

Ground-level Raised Planters

We aim to inject agricultural systems from the ground up. That said, our ground level farming solutions are the most commonly integrated and conventional system adapted by most households, commercial establishments and institutions. It can be in the form of modular crate farms or raised farming beds of various stackable heights.

We also offer customized and adaptive planters to suit the design of the building as well as the lifestyle of its users.

Indoor Hydroponic Systems

Lastly, our indoor system is the most innovative approach we’ve recently undertaken in Urban Garden Boston.

Not only do we construct conducive systems to encourage living green walls within your homes and offices, but we also help build a sustainable indoor mechanism for microgreens production.

Moreover, we have developed a fool-proof hydroponic system that allows for users to propagate their own plants and food without spending too much money on resources or time on maintenance.