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Building a Green Community

Other people have taken notice of the work being done in Boston to combat climate change. Not only have we taken notice of it, but so have others. Following the city’s energy efficiency efforts, the Hub was ranked #1 out of 75 communities back in 2019.
This is the third year in a row that the city has earned this recognition for its efforts to save electricity and other natural resources. Along with winning many prizes and accolades, the city has received numerous additional accolades and awards.
Announcing their commitment to a carbon emissions reduction plan aimed at reducing energy consumption and emissions, the …

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How to Master Urban Gardening

One of the oldest complaints of city dwellers is this: “I would love to produce my own food organically, but I don’t have the room!”
Urban gardening is popular among city residents, but Primary houses provide a lifestyle that is appropriate for modern living and is ideal for urban gardening as well.
What is urban farming, and how does it differ from other types of gardening? At its core, it is a method of growing plants and crops that conform to a limited or …

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5 Urban Farming Companies in Boston You Need to Check Out

Urban gardens and indoor farms are springing up all around Boston, on everything from abandoned locations, empty lots, schoolyards, office rooftops to greenhouses. That said, here are four significant urban agriculture projects that affect the momentum of the Boston local food movement.
Bloombrick Urban Agriculture

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Boston at the Frontier of Urban Farming

Boston’s increasing reputation as a sanctuary for healthy options, organic farming, and urban agricultural projects is thanks to its health-conscious initiative towards a greener culture. This city in Massachusetts is known chiefly for its long winters and crowded streets, so it doesn’t stand as the most sustainable place for such a practice.
In fact, it’s not the first place that springs to mind for moderate year-round weather and cheap property, much more so for organic urban …

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A Snapshot of Urban Agriculture in Boston

The availability of healthy food choices in low-income neighborhoods in Boston and many other cities across the country is restricted. It is one of the variables that contribute to significant health disparities in the United States of America.
Our community partners and we pioneered the conversion of local vacant lots into climate-smart urban farms, which are now being expanded to increase access to fresh food in these communities while also enhancing neighborhood climate resilience through the …