Who We Are

With a primary goal to convert underused areas into more biodiverse, sustainable, and productive landscapes, Urban Garden Boston can provide our customers instant access to organic and locally-grown food while instilling a sense of self-sufficiency via participation and community collaboration.

Urban Garden Boston is proud to be recognized as a Certified B Corporation. Being a Benefit Corporation, our mission becomes two-fold: achieving financial success while also setting a leading example for social responsibility.

Our accreditation status allows our business to be a force for good. This way, we can continue providing services and healthier food alternatives to our local community and broader society.

What We Believe In

Fostering a Sense of Community

As we interact with the members of the locale, we weave together our own personal experiences and narratives. This is our way of promoting a connection between individuals and the cause we explore with their environments.

Quality Service and Products

We take great pleasure in keeping ourselves focused and geared towards the most outstanding standards, from the beginning of every single farming project to the end of the harvest. That said, we work hard to guarantee the best intelligent monitoring and quality control of the products and services we offer.

Sustainable Approach and Eco-friendly Solutions

Throughout the process, from the early stages of landscape design to sustainable sourcing as part of the organic garden maintenance process, we are mindful of our place in the larger ecosystem. This is also why we thoroughly assess our actions in light of our goals.

Commitment to Continual Learning

We are constantly reimagining our connection to our environment in relation to our health, food, and our communities’ overall progress. With that, we hope that our work will serve as an inspiration for future innovations as we carve out an agricultural home within the urban landscape.

Supporting the Local Workforce

Our company is committed to delivering meaningful jobs with livable salaries to a rapidly growing workforce within the locale. In addition to this, we intend to demonstrate a business model that prioritizes providing our workers a secure and stable financial security while ensuring an excellent social and environmental atmosphere.