Growing your own food is simple, but it certainly isn’t a walk in the park.

Due to that, we offer consultations at Urban Garden Boston to anyone who is interested in venturing into urban gardening, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture.

We are experts in the field of landscape design, implementation, installation, as well as the management of food-safe, organic, and sustainable gardens, modular farms, and edible landscaping in Boston, ranging from residential to large-scale commercial productions.

The knowledge and experience we have and the team experience that help us in the process allow us to provide advice on any scale or scenario.

The Urban Garden Boston consultation is sought after by industry leaders, from land developers, urban farming planners, landscape designers and architects, business owners and corporate identities.

We’ve had our run under the sun as to what systems will work best with the resources available, so if you ever have worries about how you start your own local farming practice. We got you covered.