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Property Management

Boston Properties

With our partnership with Boston Properties, we have achieved the 100 participant mark, produced over 1000 lbs. of harvest, and made enough crops allotted for food bank donation.
This project primarily entails the construction of little agri-pods, modular farms, and micro gardens located in the public parks and landscaped zones of Boston Properties’ developments. This allows for greener public areas where people can spend more time and commune.
This initiative also promotes …

Property Management

Our Portfolio for Benchmark Senior Living

Urban Garden Boston hosts four specialized benchmark locations within the city that comprises our ever-improving Senior Living portfolio.
We established our first-ever benchmark back in 2015, and now we can gain enough footing for these projects and have the members of the community on board for the organic farming initiative.
As of late, we have reached the 2000 lb. harvest mark.
When people know where their food is coming from, they feel safer. However, if they’ve grown this food …