Our Packages: Turn-key Raised Beds

Urban Garden Boston’s raised bed gardens refer to a variety of things. Mainly, this system comes to be when a planting bed is constructed on top of an already existing soil layer.

This item may range in height from just a few inches to a few feet, or even more. It can also be constructed using a variety of various types of material.

Typically, we plan the raised bed gardens according to the available space. This allows you to have enough space around the edge of each plant bed to walk around it rather than through it.

The soil remains loose and fluffy rather than compacted with this system, allowing the plant to breathe. This is critical because roots develop best when enough space for air and water to flow freely through the soil.

Furthermore, our raised beds are often supported by frames, but the materials used to construct those frames are entirely up to you. These raised bed frames are often built of wood or durable plastic. Still, they may also be made using other materials such as corrugated metal, stones, patio pavers, cinder blocks, or bricks.

The package includes:

  • Chosen material for framing and support
  • Inert materials and custom blend soil for bedding
  • Automated irrigation system
  • Constructed protection for plant roots
  • Trellising and fencing