When it comes to plant and crop fertility, agricultural maintenance, and pest control, Urban Boston Garden growers exclusively utilize organic and OMRI-certified techniques, methods, and products. Before launching goods, we regulate first by preventing disease and improving plant growth and health.

That said, our intense small-scale approach to both indoor and outdoor farming and gardening results in excellent yields, beautiful landscapes, and chances for hands-on interaction with our products

Urban Garden Boston goes Corporate and Commercial

We encourage activities like organizing a garden day for workers or employees to help with planting, caring for, and harvesting organic vegetables from your company’s little farms. Creating a corporate and commercial wellness garden with us at Urban Garden Boston improves the sustainability of your building while also improving mental health and overall wellness in your workplace.

It also helps you recruit and keep high-quality workers while giving back to your local community while garnering positive press coverage in the process.

Youth Community and Senior Assisted Living

Create an outdoor learning experience for the next generation of students turned environmental stewards. Start by converting your playground into a planting and farming zone where the younger ones get in touch with nature.

In addition to providing hands-on, enjoyable, and interdisciplinary garden activities, Urban Garden Boston also offers social studies lessons and emotional health courses that integrate science, arts, math, and other subjects for a more holistic experience.

This can be helpful since students get emotionally attached to the crops, primarily when they have grown them with their own hands.

Moreover, our gardening program for seniors includes workshops that engage participants in our gardening activities that stimulate their senses and rekindle memories while also building a relationship with nature. Urban Boston Garden workshops offer a renewed therapeutic experience.

These also foster a companionship of gardening with fellows and peers, thus inviting the opportunity for cross-generational discussion.

This program contributes to the general well-being of everyone involved by providing an environment in which contact with people of all ages and abilities and a greener world is the norm rather than the exception.

A Team Effort

We at Urban Boston Garden believe that the power of a unified community can grow, not only productive farms and gardens, but also a healthy relationship amongst the members of the various neighborhoods. Let’s learn together! Feel free to enlist the assistance of Urban Boston Garden growers to help you produce food wherever you may be in the locale.