Urban Garden Boston hosts four specialized benchmark locations within the city that comprises our ever-improving Senior Living portfolio.

We established our first-ever benchmark back in 2015, and now we can gain enough footing for these projects and have the members of the community on board for the organic farming initiative.

As of late, we have reached the 2000 lb. harvest mark.

When people know where their food is coming from, they feel safer. However, if they’ve grown this food themselves, they feel more proud and secure that this community effort is geared towards a collective good.

Approximately 80% of the food produced is utilized by on-site restaurants and dining establishments. The members of the community are aware that they provide the fruit, vegetables, and crops to the kitchen, and they prefer it served to them.

In fact, It is always stated on our menu that the veggies or ingredients in the dish are grown from the garden.

Moreover, it gives the individuals who have contributed to the project a feeling of accomplishment to have their labor reflected in their meals.

This project was first established as an abundant source of leisure and activity for the seniors, and the elderly needing assisted living in the community.

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