With our partnership with Boston Properties, we have achieved the 100 participant mark, produced over 1000 lbs. of harvest, and made enough crops allotted for food bank donation.

This project primarily entails the construction of little agri-pods, modular farms, and micro gardens located in the public parks and landscaped zones of Boston Properties’ developments. This allows for greener public areas where people can spend more time and commune.

This initiative also promotes the idea of residential gardens and institutional farms, where people have enhanced access to organic food and healthier options for their diet without having to spend big bucks.

Moreover, with the help of Boston Properties, Urban Garden Boston is able to offer better health care and funding for public farming programs for the participating communities.

That said, in A free general program at Kendall Center, one of the four main initiatives we are working on is backed religiously by Boston Properties.

Our partnership has lasted for a few years, and we are planning to continue this partnership as they slowly integrate farming activities into their own work as a move towards corporate wellness.

As of now, the offices closest to these farming spots are now assigned a few hours to rest from their work to tend to these gardens.

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