Other people have taken notice of the work being done in Boston to combat climate change. Not only have we taken notice of it, but so have others. Following the city’s energy efficiency efforts, the Hub was ranked #1 out of 75 communities back in 2019.

This is the third year in a row that the city has earned this recognition for its efforts to save electricity and other natural resources. Along with winning many prizes and accolades, the city has received numerous additional accolades and awards.

Announcing their commitment to a carbon emissions reduction plan aimed at reducing energy consumption and emissions, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) today announced the designation of an additional 25 cities and towns as Green Communities, following the announcement made today by the Baker-Polito Administration.

In all, more than half of the Commonwealth’s municipalities have now been designated as Green Communities, with 68 percent of the state’s population living in a Green Community as of the date of today’s announcement.

It has been determined that the 25 new Green Communities are eligible to receive financing from the Department of Energy in the amount of $4,3 million in order to help them in the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives in their respective towns and villages.

Since the program’s inception in 2010, the Department of Environmental Resources’ Green Towns division has given more than $65 million in grant money to communities across the Commonwealth, using a combination of designations and competitive grant rounds, according to the department.

Specifically, their Green Communities Program provides assistance to the state in its efforts to develop a generation capacity while preserving public resources.

The initiative continues to be an accomplishment, with more than 68 percent of people living in a green neighborhood, making it a great example of state and municipal governments working together to generate substantial growth and sensible savings.

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